Epcot World Showcase – The Present and the Future

Epcot, or Epcot Center as some of us still refer to it as, opened on October 1st, 1982. Since its opening 34 years ago, not a whole lot has changed in terms of the World Showcase. Of course,

there has been a major change recently in regards to the Norway pavilion, where Disney swapped out the Maelstrom boat ride for Frozen Ever After and built a meet and greet building for Anna and Elsa.

I’m referring to the area itself, the area not being used. There is still plenty of room to add several new countries to the World Showcase and it would be nice to get some new flavor and culture in the park, especially since we haven’t seen any new countries since the 80’s.

In case you aren’t familiar with the World Showcase at Epcot, here is a quick synopsis. The World Showcase is located beyond Future World and largely represents the atmosphere of a world fair. It contains 11 pavilions, each themed to a specific world country. They surround the World Showcase Lagoon and are as follows (in order from left to right):

Germany (Disney Stock Photo)
Italy (Disney Stock Photo)
United States (Disney Stock Photo)
Morocco (Disney Stock Photo)
France (Disney Stock Photo)
United Kingdom (Disney Stock Photo)
Canada (http://aretestock.deviantart.com/art/EPCOT-Canada-Totem-1-29479488)

The only two countries not present on opening day were Morocco (opened in 1984) and Norway (opened in 1988). Each pavilion is themed to that represented country including architecture, culture, and cuisine. Potential future pavilions have been rumored over the years, such as Spain and Puerto Rico, but the only change we have seen is a small African themed refreshment shop between China and Germany known as the Outpost.

There are several open spots around the Showcase that could become new homes to a future pavilion/country. So what countries would you like to see added? I think we can all agree that the area is overdue for a serious upgrade. It could help bring more guests into the park as well. So folks, on that note, here are some countries/pavilions I would like to see added to the Epcot World Showcase:

Ireland – The Ragland Road restaurant at Disney Springs is amazing so why not feature a similar themed restaurant here, complete with Irish dancing. The pavilion could also feature Irish folk music and the history behind St. Patrick’s Day.

Poland – Pierogies! Enough said.

Brazil – Amazing steak house immediately comes to mind. The celebration of Carnavale could be featured, as well as the sport of football (soccer). Pele played for Brazil and is arguably the best player to have played the game. As I’m writing this, there is already a strong rumor that this weekend at the D23 Expo, Brazil will be announced as an addition to The World Showcase.

Other countries I think would be a good addition are Australia, Egypt, and Greece. These nations bring a wide array of culture, holidays, music, art, philosophy, etc. All would be great additions to the World Showcase, and would offer more variety and new experiences. Plus it would be nice to have all inhabitable continents represented (Australia) and a second African country.

So what country or countries would you like to see added to Epcot’s World Showcase? Or which countries would you not like to see added?

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